Terms of Service – Mobile Skirental MICHEL

Rental terms and Conditions:

  1. The Customer assumes full responsibility for the hire equipment until it is fully returned.
  2. The rental does not include any insurance against theft. (the customer has to arrange an extra theft insurance).
  3. In the case of damage or theft, the Customer shall be liable for the payment of the repair or replacement costs according to current list. Your own risk, with bronze the costs will be €170,-, with silver the costs will be € 280,- and with Gold € 380,- (Unless you have a theft insurance ).
  4. In case of lost of the hired equipment must be reported to the local authorities by the Customer.
  5. In the case of damage without risk coverage by the Customer itself, they shall be liable for the payment of the repair or replacement costs according to current repair price-list.
  6. The renter shall not hand over the rented equipment to be used by a third party.
  7. It is possible to change the hired equipment with equipment of the same category at any time during the rental period. It is also possible to substitute the hired equipment with equipment belonging to another category. For substitutions with equipment of a higher value additional costs will be charged; For substitutions with equipment of a lower value the difference will not be refunded!
  8. The rental material must be paid at the time of issue and will be picked up at 5 pm at the latest on the last rental day. Failure to comply will result in additional charges.
  9.  If the hired equipment is not returned within 3 days after the agreed return date, it will be reported as stolen.
  10. In the event of an early return of the rental goods for private reasons, as well as due to unfavourable weather or other disabilities, you will not receive a refund.
  11. For the assembly, repair and adjustment of your ski bindings your personal details are required. With your signature, you agree to the professional commitment setting according to the manufacturer’s instructions and accept the regulations, the loan conditions and confirm the accuracy of your information. Settings of bindings may not be changed unauthorised.
  12. The present rental contract shall be deemed valid only after the Customer has deposited a valid ID card. A copy or a scan of the ID card will be made.
  13. The practice of all winter sports is associated with risks and occurs at your own risk. We are not liable for any accidents or damage.
  14.  Should a delivery due to bad road or weather conditions not be possible, we ask you to come to an agreed meeting place.
  15. Place of jurisdiction Kitzbühel.
  16. In accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of Law 675/96 the customer authorises the rental to use their personal data for statistical purposes as well as for market studies.
  17. On the 15th day of rental, the renter is obligated to submit the material for review by appointment. Contract goes into ISO11088!
  18. If only 1 shoe has been brought with the binding adjustment, the risk goes to the renter.
  19. The Z-number must be checked immediately upon delivery by the customer for correctness.
  20. Ability to select +3 or -1 is an explicit customer request (customer is informed about risks and assumes liability)!
  21. Non-standard materials which are lent:                                                                                                                                          Carbon sticks, children’s ski boot under MP 15 and over MP 25, adult ski boots under MP 21 and over MP 32

We ask our customers for an appropriate treatment of the material.
We thank you for your trust in us and wish you a nice winter holiday!